Allies for Educational Equity is a non-partisan, grassroots-funded political action committee, with a mission to unite the political voices of education reformers so that zip codes don't determine destinies. 


The Problem

Despite the work many of us do every day to support students and schools, there is always more to be done. Education reformers being diverse in experience, geography, political spectrum, and identity, but we do not have a cohesive voice in politics. This limits our ability to take action, in particular to ensure our elected officials are advocates for quality and equitable education.


The Solution

The right to a quality education is universal. As Allies, we are united in our commitment to the power of knowledge and to the potential of each child. We pool our resources to fund grassroots candidates and organizations in our communities and across the country. Through our support, we ensure elected officials and organizations know the importance of creating an education system that works for every child.


We are educational advocates and reformers from across the country pooling our resources to support candidates and causes. Become an ally by contributing resources here.


We select candidates across the country together - investing our resources in many places - to promote the importance of quality education. Share what candidates you’d like to support here.


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