Advocates and practitioners in education reform are now a broad and, increasingly, diverse mix of groups and individuals, all deeply committed to educational equity. Collectively, we are diverse in all respects, spanning the country geographically, the political spectrum, role in education; and, we are now multi-generational.

Despite this, and despite efforts by entrepreneurial education reformers to date, our movement is not organized, or recognized, as a cohesive national political force. We tend technocratic and entrepreneurial, preferring to demonstrate, test and improve such that our outcomes speak for themselves. And, we have under-appreciated the need to engage not just in policy but also in politics. Because of the complicated politics of education and constraints related to our incorporation status, the organizations with the largest reach (most notably Teach For America) are unable to do this themselves.

Here is where Allies for Educational Equity steps in, challenging us to recognize and renew our shared identity as both education reformers and constituents to apply what we know in practice and policy to change the politics of our work to inform political giving. 

Together, we put our own skin the game. Then, we work together as constituents where we live to determine how contributions are made.

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