PRESS RELEASE: Allies for Educational Equity celebrates wins across the nation

Washington, DC — After Tuesday’s banner Election Day turnout nationwide, Allies for Educational Equity congratulates its more than 75 endorsed and supported candidates, who share AEE’s commitment to the power of knowledge and potential of each child.  

This opening salvo for the nation's most diverse, peer-funded education reform PAC suggests that small dollars can make a big difference in determining who will walk into office next session, whether school board, state house, or governor's mansion.

In its first cycle of political contributions, Allies for Educational Equity supported candidates spanning 11 states, with more than $35,000 in contributions and endorsements, with 69% winning. This figure could increase over the coming days pending the final outcome of 2 races, including Marshall Tuck's bid for State Superintendent of Public Instruction in California. The full list of contributions and endorsements can be found here

AEE celebrates the especially impressive victories for several tight races, where AEE dollars had the most impact, including the most competitive State Senate seats in Colorado wherein all AEE candidates prevailed, Democrat and Teach for America alumnus James Talarico's win in an open race for Texas’ House District 52, and Republican rising star JD Mesnard’s successful State Senate bid after leading on education reform in the Arizona State House. With the opening bell for legislative sessions across the nation in just a few weeks, this incoming class of pragmatic leaders from both sides of the aisle provides a source of optimism during a time of deepening partisan division nationwide.   

AEE Founder and CEO Lea Crusey said "As our country regroups after a tough electoral cycle, we are sending a resounding message that leaders who put students at the center of education policymaking can win at the ballot box." 

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Lea Crusey
Allies for Educational Equity
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