PRESS RELEASE: Allies for Educational Equity announces $22,500 in campaign contributions

Washington, DC — Ahead of the November elections, Allies for Educational Equity today announced the distribution of 44 contributions to candidates from both major parties in Colorado, Maryland, New Mexico, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. Totaling $22,500 in amounts ranging from $100 to 1,500, recipients are principally state legislative candidates, with some running for county-level and state-wide offices, including both the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor in New Mexico. These add to the list of more than 30 contributions made so far this year to candidates in Arizona, California, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Donors to Allies for Educational Equity identified and proposed candidates to support from the state in which each donor lives and votes. AEE donors, many of whom work in the pursuit of equity and excellence in education, later had the opportunity to review and vote on candidate slates, with the PAC Board making the final decision.

Antonio Parés, Denver resident and former middle school teacher explained that “oftentimes the bar to access political capital is high enough that it precludes parents, teachers, nonprofit employees, etc…this endorsement process gave me the opportunity to see and move beyond the usual stakeholders and create a more inclusive and grassroots team of advocates.”

"I'm honored to have the support of Allies for Ed Equity. Their vision to support candidates that will advocate for all students to receive a quality education aligns with the very core of my campaign," said Veronica Nolan, School Board Candidate in Alexandria, Virginia and recipient from AEE.

AEE Founder and CEO Lea Crusey said “We are the most diverse, self-funded organization out there in the education reform space. And, while we bring a diversity of perspectives and lived experiences, we all believe in the power of knowledge and in the potential of each child. We want our lawmakers to know that there is a group of their supporters who will be expecting them to be committed to excellence and equity for all children.”

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Lea Crusey
Allies for Educational Equity
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