At Allies for Educational Equity, we pool resources with education reformers across the country to support candidates for office who are champions for education. Read more about our principles below and become an ally here.


We are playing the long game: It will take more than one check from Allies to win an election and more than a single political office to influence educational equity. Together we demonstrate our awareness and commitment to kids by building our shared influence among elected officials.


We plant many seeds: We demonstrate our support in many places, planting seeds sometimes in unusual places in effort to make our voice heard by office holders not yet familiar with our work. We believe that some support across many places will be most powerful.


We take a seat at the table: Through using our collective resources to support people in agenda-setting positions, we take a seat at the table, advocating that they take action in support of kids and families.


We augment others’ impact: Because our resources can’t match the large donor community or investment from those working to maintain the status quo, we focus on strengthening the great work of our peer ed reformers across the country, supplementing efforts where we agree it will be most meaningful.


We’re Allies supporting Allies: Locking arms together as a national network of peers, we demonstrate our collective power and commitment, we work together to support each other.