What is a PAC?

PACs allow citizens to pool personal, voluntary financial contributions for political purposes. The individual giving limit for a Federal PAC is $5,000 annually.

My money is a drop in the bucket compared with philanthropists, and I already give my all to this work daily. What difference will my contribution make?

Contribution limits for PACs ensure that no single contributor can have an outsized influence, and the transparency that direct giving brings makes each dollar worth more. The big, unlimited, dollars in political giving are generally on the “soft” side, which are anonymous. Our pooled, and transparently reported, contributions from many donors puts us on the record, sending a powerful message that adults who do the work also back it up voluntarily with our own dollars.

I don’t think I can give politically because of my work.

You are giving as an individual, not because of or as part of your job (even if you work for a 501c3). The Federal Elections Commission prohibits certain political contributions subject to conflicts of interest, which generally apply to business interests. Any specific concerns can be clarified by reviewing the FEC’s Quick Answers to General Questions or by checking with your employer’s compliance attorney.

I think education reform is about more than just charter schools.

Choice and accountability are the cornerstones of increasing both quality and access, to ensure adults’ feet are held to the fire to deliver on promises to children. We must demand accountability for all kids in all schools and we must fight for the growth of great charters as well, especially in circumstances where families lack access to quality options. Access to quality is about both charter schools and non-charter schools.

I don’t want my $ going to a Republican / a Democrat / anyone anti-X / anyone pro-Y.

We get it. Many of us are passionately partisan, and we encourage leaning into all forms of civic engagement. As individuals, we vote and give, influenced by our unique values and policy priorities. Otherwise, we need Allies for Educational Equity to stand up for the power of knowledge and the potential of every child, no matter who is in office.