A little can go a long way



Grassroots fundraising is about collective impact. One donation may feel like a drop in the bucket - after all, none of us are philanthropists or billionaires; but, together, a lot of modest donations send a clear message: we exist, we care. We are putting our own skin in the game. 

Together, Allies:  

  • Raise modest - but meaningful - political contributions from practitioners and activists across the sector. Entry points will vary, requiring a menu of methods to communicate, engage and activate;

  • Support our own - when one of us runs for office (regardless of party), our network will show up with dollars and networked support that bolsters the impact of, independent and separately administered soft dollar spending. Together we are unassailable.

  • Exercise our agency as stakeholders by making contributions to key leaders to ensure they know we exist. We should be at the table and our pooled contributions will ensure we are.

  • Communicate by backchanneling, ensuring we know who each other are. This will grow from an interconnected and bonded coalition to naturally lock arms and communicate outward.